Morning Routines and Picture Schedules

Routines are so important for kids- especially kids on the Autism spectrum.
If your child is having a hard time getting up and going in the morning and you find yourself constantly yelling for your child to get dressed, eat up, brush teeth, hurry up, etc... you can try a picture checklist, a reward chart, or a logical consequence.
I've heard of this idea: If your child misses the bus, "fine" them a small amount of money to drive them to school like they would have to pay a taxi/bus (but reasonable amount). If your child cares about their money, this should work.
Another idea I've heard: Let them go to school in their pajamas if they don't get dressed- and the consequence will take care of itself!
Other consequences could be losing TV/Computer/Game time when they get home from school, having to go to bed earlier the next night, etc.
If kids are motivated, they can do it.
Kids with ADHD might forget steps despite doing the same routine daily- so a picture list will save you some breath and words- let the pictures tell the child what to do next instead of having to yell at him all the time!


Picture Schedules are really helpful for organizing the day, helping kids know whats coming next, and can help prevent tantrums that often occur during transition times. Here are some picture schedules I have made. There are many pre-made ones that can be printed online or you can make your own individualized ones!