Helping children find their wings

Butterflies are beautiful and symbolize growth and change. What starts out as a land based caterpillar, through an amazing process, transforms into a beautiful and free butterfly. Undesirable behaviors in a child can limit him or her like a caterpillar. I help by teaching children and their caregivers how to mold and shape these behaviors so the child can reach their best potential, thus helping them "fly". Through my expertise and your dedication and support, your child can break free and reach new heights like a beautiful butterfly.



When it comes to difficult behavior, you need Patience!

Patience's Behavior Therapy is a concierge affordable behavioral therapy company that provides personal in-home, on-location therapy to children with behavioral issues, and consultation to parents and teachers to help them handle their child's behaviors and special needs. 

Its not that you’re doing anything wrong, it’s just sometimes you need to do parenting differently for certain kids. I can teach you how to do things differently.
— Patience

Facebook Group:

Facebook group for parents to post questions to get advice on children and parenting topics. The questions will be answered by other members and some expert consultants who have professional experience in feeding issues, sleep problems, nutrition, etc! Join "Ask the Experts" now! 


Parenting, child anxiety, depression, and more! See BOOKS page for more info! 



  • Are your kids driving you crazy?
  • Do you wish your kids would have better behavior but you don’t know how to change it?
  • Does your child’s teacher call you daily with a problem to report?
  • Is his/her behavior at home out of control?
  • Do you just not know what to do or what’s wrong?
  • Do you think you need "SuperNanny?"

Teachers/Daycare Providers...

  • Does your student’s behavior disrupt the class?
  • Are you not sure what to do to keep the peace?
  • Does your student have unusual or defiant behaviors you don't know how to handle?
  • Do you have students who aren't socializing properly? 
  • Do all your staff need training on handling special needs children? 

Trainings available for parents and childcare givers on diagnoses and behavior interventions.

Contact Patience to set up a training event for your group. 


Why Patience's Behavior Therapy?

Compared to outpatient (office therapy):

I come to your home instead of you having to come to me, for a price that is similar to an office visit copay. I work on your child's behavior in location/in the moment. I can observe your child's behavior in the home or school and come up with a plan right away to intervene. 

Compared to BHRS/wraparound services (in home services):

If you only need a few sessions, or your child's behavior isn't severe enough to qualify for BHRS, if you can't wait for BHRS to start, or are having trouble waiting for MA, then Patience's Behavior Therapy might be the best service for your child and family! I can provide services while you wait for BHRS, or possibly fix your child's behavior needs in a few visits if the behavior is not that severe. 

For Patience's Behavior Therapy you do not need insurance, a diagnosis, or meet any criteria for level of behavior. I can likely see you within a week of calling for an appointment. Also even though I don't take insurance I can provide the info you need to submit an "out of network" bill to your insurance for reimbursement (check with your insurance about how to do this).