Here are some FREE resources and downloadable worksheets I have made to use in my practice that I wanted to provide to other counselors and therapists that work with children and families. As a Thank You to me could you please tell families about my books for sale? Thank you!

Please credit me when giving out these resources. Click links below to download and print.

Worksheet for Siblings of children with special needs/behavior issues

Worksheet for handling Divorce

Homework Organizer Worksheet

Breathing Exercises for Children

Telling Vs Tattling decision worksheet

Am I being Bullied or just someone is being Mean? problem solving worksheet

Tips for coparenting/divorced parents (handout to parents)

Info and Template on Requesting an eval from School 

Helpful tools and where to find them (ex. Potty watches, fidget toys, ADHD timers, etc)

Fun Thing to Do in Chester County, PA and surrounding counties

Coping Skills List (for Anger and Anxiety)

Bored List (Ideas for kids to busy themselves when bored)

Writing Prompts (for kids who don't like to write but need to practice)


Other resources not made by me:

Mental Health awareness symptoms and what to do to manage students - for teachers. 

Rainbow chart for helping kids eat their fruits and veggies. Another Rainbow chart option


Support Group

Free Facebook Group for child/family therapists to discuss issues and collaborate (not limited to location, but most of the members are in PA)