Quotes from Former Client Families 

Patience did an evaluation for our daughter. She was thorough in her evaluation and made excellent recommendations and gave solid resources. She normalized our experience and clarified what was developmentally- appropriate, which was extremely reassuring. We would highly recommend Patience for her helpful, caring attitude were are impressed by her level of dedication to her therapy practice.
— -Sarah S.
We had a wonderful experience with Ms. Patience. My daughter was struggling with anxiety related to transitions, so we preventatively had her seeing Ms. Patience weekly at the beginning of the school year. It absolutely made the transition back to school easier, and I highly recommend Patience if you are looking for someone who will connect with your child. My daughter is highly sensitive, and does not easily connect with other adults. Patience came prepared, and it was clear that she has ample experience working with young children. My daughter looked forward to seeing Ms. Patience weekly, and I appreciated her very reasonable rates (I paid almost 3x’s her rates with a previous private therapist—and she didn’t come to my house!!) Highly recommend!!!
— KL
We couldn’t be more grateful for the help Patience provided with our daughter. We appreciated having a third set of eyes and ears which provided a different perspective and understanding of our girl. Patience helped her work through her aggravation and it reflected in her improved attitude.
I recommend Patience to every parent who wants to make their home a happier place!
— JR
We contacted Patience for advice on parenting our five-year old son on the autism spectrum. From the first session, she made a connection with our son and taught us simple, yet effective strategies for communication and positive discipline. Patience is warm, friendly and very knowledgeable about the resources available to children with special needs. We would recommend her to anyone seeking in-home therapy for their children.
— CV
We are so thankful to have found Patience. Our daughter was exhibiting some concerning behaviors that we were unable to manage on our own. Patience helped our daughter to open up about the anxiety she was feeling, gave us creative ways to talk about those feelings, and helped us discover healthier coping strategies. Our daughter looked forward to Patience’s visits, and we are all happier because of them! Thanks, Patience!
— SW
My 8 year old son has been struggling with his behavior and depression in school. Patience was wonderful with my son. She got him to open up about his feelings and how to cope and deal with things. I’ve seen results immediately and all has been well. Also whenever I had a question or needed my son to see her she always found time and made it her priority. She definitely has a way with kids and is great at what she does. I highly recommend her to anyone!
— AI
*I was referred to Patience from a friend because my son has anxiety and we wanted to nip in this bud while he is 8 and not waiting until he was 18. Patience is EXTREMELY easy to work with, she comes to your house, her cost is very reasonable and she does tremendous work.
*Patience has seen my son 3 times thus far and we have seen some impressive changes in his behavior. Since the last time we saw her, he has not had an anxiety episode, has been respectful to his sisters and my husband and I as well.
*She suggested a rewards/behavior chart and it has been working out really well. We are also using positive reinforcement on his good behavior and he gets very happy that we are noticing it!
*I would, and have, referred Patience to my friends with their children dealing with anxiety. It is important for you to get on top of it now with coping mechanisms as Patience has taught my son!
*THANK YOU PATIENCE!!! I will have less gray hair now because of you!
— -CZ
Patience was the perfect outside party to help my wife and I with our son. He was clearly dealing with some issues that he wouldn’t or couldn’t communicate with us. She helped my wife and I put things in perspective as-well as came up with effective tools for all of us to use. His behavior and attitude is significantly better and we continue to rely on her for help when we need it. Patience is not only very responsive but she also has a very logical and even keeled approach to effective treatment. We highly recommend her!
— S and N
Patience worked with my two adopted teens from Ukraine. One was out of state in a cutting edge trauma program which was very challenging for the one left home. Patience came to the house weekly to work with V and on many occasions coordinated with E’s trauma therapist via Skype for sibling therapy sessions. Patience took V through her own process of family of origin, orphan care, through adoption here and current day issues. Patience also facilitated family sessions as well as sibling sessions. My husband and I are very grateful for Patience and her work with our family.
— CM (mom of 4 adopted teens)

As my 5 year old entered into the Catholic School system, it was a drastic change of structure and discipline she was not accustomed, coming from a daycare setting. With this new school, my child struggled with following rules, sharing and self-control. We needed to find some way to help our child to engage in the daily activities required as she entered the world of education, learning, structure and the rewards that follow. With the help of Patience Domowski and her knowledge of child behavior, our child is now successfully progressing in Kindergarten with outstanding grades, growing friends and a love for learning. The reward system, among other guidance, was the most essential tool Patience provided for the success of our family.

Thank you Patience for all of your insight and expertise you provided to our family. Without you we would still be struggling with our parenting skills and essential foundation for the success of our child and family, as a whole.
— Sincerely, Mrs. SG