You're not a bad mom

busy mom

You’re not a “Bad Mom” ~ by, Patience Domowski, LCSW

You’re not a bad mom if…

·       you can’t breastfeed/choose not to

·       your baby/kids aren’t on a perfect sleep schedule

·       you want a break from your kids sometimes

·       you don’t want to be a stay-at-home-mom (or can’t)

·       you don’t’ do “Pinterest” crafts

·       your home doesn’t look like a catalog/clean and decorated

·       you have to ask for help in caring for yourself/your family

·       you aren’t up with all the current trends in parenting

·       sometimes you don’t like your children

·       you have to put your kids in daycare/hire a sitter

You’re a good mom if…

·       you love your kids with all your heart

·       you try to do everything you can to care for your family

·       you admit when you need help (and ask for help!)

·       you play with your kids

·       you let the kids make messes sometimes

·       you teach your children to love others and care about people

·       you take a break when you need to in order to save your sanity

·       you try to have a good marriage/get along with your child’s father as best as possible for sake of the children