Are You A Child Psychologist? 

This is a frequently asked question that I get.

I'm actually not a "Child Psychologist." I'm a Child (and Family) Therapist. My degree is in Social Work, not Psychology.

What's the difference? 

Psychology looks more at the brain and the individual client. 

Social Workers look more at the Person IN the Environment (PIE). We take into account the family settings, problems at school, etc that affect problems, not just the individual's symptoms. 

The difference is also that Child Psychologists do  a battery of tests, evaluations, and assessments to figure out what's going on with the child. They do provide therapy as well in some cases. 

I can provide a diagnosis, but I don't do a full extensive evaluation that a psychologist would possibly do. I provide therapy and can make referrals and suggestions too. If I'm unsure about a diagnosis or if a child's situation is complicated it is helpful for a further evaluation to be conducted and I often refer to psychologists for more testing when necessary. They often refer back to me for the behavior treatment. 


I can refer you to a child psychologist if that is what you need. I recommend Dr. George Villarose at Exton Behavioral Health, and Dr Margot Burke at Milestones in Ardmore, PA.