Patience's Behavior Therapy 

Child Psychologist vs Social Worker 

I'm a child behavior therapist, and work with children and families to teach them new behavior strategies and coping skills. I'm a social worker, not a psychologist. The difference is that psychologists look at the brain, and do evaluations mostly, and social workers look at the whole environment and try to effect change in the situation, not just the individual client. Alternatively psychiatrists do medications, but therapists provide behavioral strategies and therapeutic coping skills. 


Patience helps children with anxiety by teaching them how to change their thoughts and learn coping strategies using fun books, worksheets, and activities. 


ADHD Treatment

Patience helps children with ADHD learn to be more focused, organized, and control their impulses using books, role plays, activities, worksheets, and games. Patience will also teach parents other strategies to handle their child's behavior to teach them necessary life skills.

Behavior therapy

Patience helps children with behavior issues including Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), Autism, and other behavior issues. Patience teaches children to follow directions using fun games and activities. Patience also teaches parents how to handle their child's behavior in a different way that is necessary for children with different needs. 

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