For children and families in Chester County, PA area 

Parenting Discipline Help and Behavior Therapy for Children

  • Observations, Assessments, Referrals, Resources - I can come observe your child's behavior at home, school, or elsewhere in the community and assess why the behavior is occurring and make recommendations to work on the behavior, refer to other resources if needed, or provide therapy and assistance if needed
  • Child and behavior specific interventions - I will come up with specific interventions for your child's behavior based on your child’s strengths and interests
  • Behavior plans and simple interventions - I will teach you and your child’s teacher how to implement the interventions to see improved behavior
  • Child-specific behavioral charts - I can make specific tailored behavior charts to work on your child's behavior to use at home or school
  • Behavior Consultations and follow up - I will follow up via email or phone/text as well as in person to check in with you on how things are going
  • Cognitive Behavior therapy for child and family in your home (in the Chester County, PA region)- I will teach your child how to better handle their behavior and feelings as well as teach parents how to handle their child's behavior and strong feelings. 
  • Therapy for parents - I help them deal with stress of being a parent, anxiety over child, and related parenting issues 

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